A Real Man's Guide to Yoga

I have always considered myself a man’s man.  Growing up, after my chores were done, I would be down by the creek catching catfish or blue gill, maybe envisioning saving the world from a catastrophic invasion from the evil empire or just slogging around doing boy stuff.  As I grew older, I start hunting rabbit and pheasant, helping neighbors clearing land for gardens or barns and when it came my time to serve our country, I did so proudly and without hesitation.  I am nobody special; I am just a man who lives a man’s life so imagine my hesitation when my beautiful wife asked me if I would like to take a yoga class with her!

My wife has practiced yoga for many years and is renown in her field so saying something foolish like “Yoga is for girls” just was not going to cut it.  Add that to my doctors’ recommendations to do yoga for flexibility and to keep healthy and I was trapped.  There was no alternative except to take a yoga class and pretend to enjoy it.

My wife found a class nearby and so with mats under our arms, we headed off for my first yoga class.  On the car ride home, my wife admitted that the class we took was probably not the best type of class to take for my initial foray into the world of yoga.  A very nice lady went on and on about finding a box and opening it to find some type of secret inside …..  Like every guy in my position would do, when this happened, I drifted off into a lengthy discussion with myself about whether I should buy the trolling motor I have had my eye on for a couple of weeks or save for that bathroom remodel we have been planning.

As the class was winding down, we were brought back to reality with a series of bell ringing which I have come to understand signals the beginning or ending of a class.  I glanced over at my wife and smiled at which time she took my hand and gave it a “Thank You” squeeze.  Class dismissed.

I will chronicle future classes here on a regular basis to help my fellow man know what they can expect when attending a yoga class but suffice to say here it was not an altogether unpleasant experience at all.  In fact, I have decided to take a weekly or even bi-weekly yoga classes and have started feeling some of the benefits.  To quote the famous ventriloquist, Edgar Bergin’s dummy Mortimer Snerd, “Who’d a thunk it?”


  • Fantastic Mike knowing you for the many years as my savior when my computer gets sick I definately know you are a mans man !! I am so happy that you have joined Deanna Art and I also have found the benefits of yoga I was in amazement because hes a mans man We are blessed to share this together

    Karen Hahn
  • Don’t know about your man friends but I am looking forward to you future man yoga blogs…..

    Carol Fenton

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