A Real Man's Guide to Yoga-Episode 2

     Those one or two faithful souls when endured my initial blog on "A Real Man's Guide to Yoga" must have been thinking I had fallen by the wayside like all the other “Maharishis’ come lately” who strut in with their designer yoga clothes, toss down their double deluxe yoga mat, do about half the class and wander out with their tail between their legs, never to be seen again.  Is that what you think?

     OK, well maybe I was like that a little, but honestly, I was always intending to go again, especially after the first foray into the world of Yoga went so incredibly well.  As luck would have it, my wife intervened on my behalf and once again she and I were headed to the club with yoga mats in the back of my pickup, ready to do battle again with some down dogs and Warrior Ones.  Yep, I got the lingo down!

     Fully expecting another 45 minutes of lying on our backs like the first time, I was shocked when we started on our stomachs and went from there into a few standing stretches and kind of a modified half moon pose, changing sides to get maximum stretching benefits on both sides.  I thought to myself, “I knew it couldn’t be that easy”  It actually felt pretty good!

     One of the cool things about doing yoga and not knowing a thing about it,  is you can look at the others and kind of get a feel for what the instructor is trying to get you to do.  However, more often than not, you will see many people doing things differently than you are and even different than the person next to them.  From what I understand, that is one of the beauties of yoga. If you think you should be doing a certain thing, within reason, go for it.  If you start to hurt, stop and take a child’s pose.  It’s all good.  Especially in a restore class!  In Restore classes, there are a lot of men and women who have a variety of aches and pains that do not allow them to do exactly what the others are doing.  No biggie!

     Bottom line here is by the conclusion of the second session, I was starting to get the hang of this yoga stuff and actually not dreading my wife’s early morning question, “Honey, are we going to a class this morning?”  Granted, I would rather be on my boat hunting a line busting 8 pound large-mouth bass, but given that is it 115 these days, an hour in a nice cool room pleasing my wife with a couple of beneficial stretches is not a bad way to go.  Just for the shock value, I might even ask her is she wants to take a class.  Hey, it could happen.

     More to come!

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