half hour healing yoga for restoration and healing
restorative yoga for healing

Healing Yoga & Recovery Yoga half hour class with DeAnna Smothers ERYT-500

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Going through some emotional and physical healing? Wanting a class that reminds you "I am the LORD, who heals you and that He heals all your heartaches and diseases?

  • If so we made this digital download class for you.
  • Just taking a 1/2 hour to quiet your mind and center yourself with Christ as you stretch and breathe to beautiful music will calm your mind and heart.
  • This peaceful class will uplift your spirit and make your body feel wonderful.
  • Almost all postures are on the floor.
  • Great for PRENATAL & beginners too. 
  • Peaceful Christian Music 
  • Scripture, Stretch,
  • Very Gentle 
  • All Ages & Fitness Levels