the energy boost you need without harmful caffeine

Essential Oil Blend - Energize -Caffeine free

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Need a boost to your energy level without caffeine?  Yahweh Yoga Energize Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil blend gives you that added energy without the jitters and harmful effects of those energy drinks and you smell great!  Caffeine Free!

  • I hear guys all the time saying, "Essential oils?  That stuff smells terrible and is for girls."  NOT SO!  Energize gives you the energy you are looking for without the jitters and the girly smell.  Try it for 60 days and you won't be without it!
  •  The new, improved Comfort Ball roller packaging makes applying just the right amount of Energize easy and fast.  No measuring or mixing! Roll on a layer or two in seconds and get ready to rock the meeting or whatever you need to accomplish feeling confident and smelling great!
  • Our experienced, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil expert formulators have created this blend of ingredients including Lemon, Peppermint Tangerine and Grapefruit to be worn by men and women anytime, anywhere for that boost of energy and confidence.
  • Usage Instruction:  Apply to pulse areas of the temples, neck, wrists and dot on the tip of nose.
  • 60 Day supply!

"During the course of the day I need to take a break in the afternoon to re-energize. I used to have coffee and sweets to artificially increase my energy, which often kept me awake at night, made me gain weight and negatively affected my health. Now, I go outdoors for 15-minutes (regardless of the weather), take some deep breaths, have a cup of caffeine-free tea and use Yahweh Yoga's Energize Formula, which positively affects my health and absolutely works." Johnny T