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Essential Oil Blend for Sleep - Smells Great

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Need a great night's sleep?  We have the answer!? 

Yahweh Yoga Essential Sleep, hand blends only the finest, therapeutic grade essential oils to help give you a full night's rest and you will smell great doing it!

  • We use only the finest therapeutic grade essential oil ingredients; Valerian, Lavender and Stress Away for the consistently highest quality blend along with organic coconut oil as the carrier.
  • Your partner will love the way Essential Sleep smells and you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.
  • Usage Suggestions: Take a hot bath/shower before bed. Apply to pulse areas of the temples, neck, wrists, bottoms of the feet and dot on the tip of nose.
  • If for ANY reason you feel that this product is not for you, feel free to send us an email at and we will promptly refund your money, no questions asked
  • 60 Day supply
  • All orders over $20 ship free!

If you have tried the pills and liquids and still can't sleep or wake up like a zombie, try the natural solution, Yahweh Yoga Essential Sleep blend made to help you get a full night's rest your and with an aroma your partner will love! 

Try it today and wake up feeling great tomorrow!

Listen to what Anita H told us about Essential Sleep:


" My husband tried everything to sleep...pills, ZZQuil, another sleep enhancement , alcohol...nothing worked and he woke up feeling groggy.  Now he uses Yahweh Yoga's Essential Sleep formula & a natural sleep vitamin and sleeps like a baby all night long."