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Yoga for Seniors-half hour Class with DeAnna Smothers ERYT-500

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Yoga for Seniors

  • Get you off the couch and stretched out in a peaceful, relaxed and FUN 30 minute class
  • Peaceful, therapeutic music by Liquid Mind
  • Stop letting yourself get flabby and feeling every pain in your body
  • Stretch every day with DeAnna Smothers ERYT-500 for 30 minutes
  • Watch your body respond and get stronger
  • Throw away the walker and grab the pickleball bag!
  • Get back in the game and enjoy life again!
  • Try this class 3 times a week for a month and you will see a HUGE difference in the way you feel both physically and mentally!
  • Gentle Yoga-Chair optional-All fitness levels and ages-DeAnna Smothers ERYT-500 Therapeutic Music by Liquid Mind

Yoga has been proven time and time again to increase range of movement, tone your body, increase blood flow and create a sense of well being like no other exercise can!  Why settle for growing old when you can Enjoy Life Again!